Personalised Care Packages

Personalised Care Packages

We’ll work closely with you to put together a package of care that is personalised to your individual  needs, whether you need help for one hour a day, 24 hours a day or anything in between.
We’ll match you with the most appropriate care giver, who will be supervised by a qualified nurse. We’ll  also provide emergency cover for a permanent carer if necessary.
Our diary of activities helps us keep track of tasks completed during care hours. We also operate a 24- hour call-out system, so if you need care at very short notice we’ll be able to meet your needs.

We use assessments to work out the appropriate care package for each person we care for. This will  either be carried out by UK STAR CARE Carers or by the local

 The Assessment Process
1. We may need to ask you quite a few questions and, if necessary, ask for extra information from your carer, doctor or any other specialist who knows about your health and needs. A specially trained member of staff will carry out the assessment and all

2. Information will be treated confidentially. Our aim is to make sure we understand your needs and expectations of us. That way, we can assist you in the best possible way.

3. If you decide to choose us to provide you with care, we’ll need to carry out a risk assessment. If it seems appropriate we may discuss some of the best ways we can work together to provide you with a service with minimal risk.

4. The information you’ve given us will enable us to identify your needs and, with your help, prepare a plan for the care we expect to deliver. With you, we’ll agree which services your carer will provide. We’ll also draw up a diary of events for the period during which you’ll receive care.

We’ll include details in your care plan such as emergency numbers, entry to property, medical history for our care worker visits, and the tasks to be performed. The care plan will also state our agreed objectives for providing the service and how we plan to achieve those objectives

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