Home is often the place that we have built our fondest memories and shared our lives with the ones  that we love most.

The thought of having to leave and move into a residential care home can be daunting to many, but  there is now the option of having a live-in carer.

 UK STAR CARE can provide you with someone who will move into your home and be on call 24/7  offering you a tailored, one to one service within the comforts of your home.
 Is Live-in Care For Me?
Choosing to have a live in carer provided by UK STAR CARE Carers has many benefits. It gives you the  flexibility to have someone on call round the clock who can meet a variety of needs from preparing  meals to simply getting things that are out of reach. It can also provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that should an unfortunate accident occur,  there is always someone there to help you or your loved one.
These include:

Enabling you to remain independent in your own home
 Round the clock flexible support
 Comparable cost to many residential homes
 One-to-one support allowing giving you more flexibility to tailor your care to suit your needs
 Continuity of care from a very small number of carers. Most arrangements work on a two weeks on two weeks of basis. (One carer will work for               a fortnight and the take her rest period whilst the other carer takes over their position)
We very carefully select carers whom we feel would match your personality 


Very few young people develop dependency. Those who use drugs or alcohol problematically are likely to be vulnerable and experiencing a range of problems, of which substance misuse is one. The aim is that all needs are met, rather than addressing substance misuse in isolation; and that intervention is successful before problematic use becomes entrenched.
At UK Star Care our objective when we care for people with substance use and misuse needs is to enable them to achieve a good level of independence. We encourage them to communicate by various means, and to make their own decisions as much as possible.

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